What is a garden pod and what does it cost?

Aqua Spa what are garden pods

Garden pods are a great option if you want to add some impressive features to your garden space. Having your own garden pod means you are free to enjoy the outdoors in a different way. The best part is that they aren’t just for your own garden, business owners can purchase them for pub gardens and hotel gardens, perfect for the summer months. In this blog, we’re telling you what a garden pod is and what do they cost? 

What is a garden pod?

So you’re probably wondering what is a garden pod…the answer is simple, it’s an outdoor pod for you to sit in and enjoy garden space. There are lots of options to suit your taste and how much space you’ve got. Each pod comes with a comfortable seating area and a quality built table, so you can enjoy food and drinks at your own leisure. 

All of the pods we have on offer are built to withstand weather conditions, so you can be confident with leaving your pod outside throughout the year. These ornate garden pods are built using sustainable timber arcs, with laminated windows and stainless steel exteriors. These materials work together to keep the inside of your pod warm in the colder months and keep it cooler in the summer months. 

Another great benefit of owning your own outdoor garden pod is that they look very impressive. You’ll be sure to plan plenty of garden parties with a luxury garden pod around. If you’re trying to improve your garden even more, why not add a hot tub? We have a huge range of hot tubs and swim spas available on our website.

Garden pods for businesses

Outdoor garden pods aren’t just for home gardens, they’re a great option for businesses too. If you have outdoor seating available to visitors or guests and you’re losing capacity in the winter months due to lack of space inside, then owning a few garden pods would be a serious investment. Not only are garden pods very comfortable, they’re also very cosy and offer something different to normal, which people often enjoy.

How much is a garden pod?

Having a garden pod is definitely seen as one of life’s luxuries and they’re not the cheapest piece of garden furniture you could buy. However, they are well built and therefore with high levels of care and maintenance, they can be extremely long lasting. There really is no price of feeling happy and proud of your house and garden space. 

There’s lots of options for garden pods depending on what it is that you’re after. There’s standard versions and of course luxury versions for those wanting that little bit extra. So whether you’re after a glass garden pod, a wooden garden pod or even a rotating summer pod, here at Aqua Spa and Leisure, we’ve got you covered.

Rotating Garden Pods

Rotating garden pods are a real experience, they’re a place of comfort for family and friends and they are truly built for year round enjoyment. The rotating element of the pod means that you are able to take shade from the bright sunshine if you need it or angle the pod into the sun if you need some more. This garden pod also protects you from the breeze if you need it. The Rotating Seater Garden pod is a great option with room for up to 7 people, a front canopy is also included to enhance the experience, particularly in the summer months. This rotating garden pod could be yours for just £8,999. 

Another option in the rotating garden pod range is the Rotating Lounger pod. This pod is different as the table can easily be lowered to form a bed, giving you the perfect spot for stargazing on a summer evening. With the table in place, this outdoor pod can seat up to 8 people and both have a fully water resistant interior. This pod is available for £10,599.

Summerhouse Garden Pod

The Summerhouse Garden pods really are the ultimate location for a garden party, with room for up to 10 guests and the ability to connect phones via a Bluetooth music system, you and your guests are in for a treat. To keep this pod even cosier when the temperature drops at night, there’s a heater inside as well as LED lighting to set the mood. You can choose from a range of interiors, and you’ll get a secure sliding door and two windows. This pod gives you ultimate control over your relaxation for a great price of £18,995. 

Surely there’s no upgrade to all of that? Oh yes there is. The inside of the Deluxe Summerhouse Garden pod is fully customisable with the help of our design team. With seating for 10 guests and ambient interior lighting, you really can tell this is luxury. This bespoke outdoor pod is available for £20,995.

Farmer’s Cottage Garden Pod

Our Farmer’s cottage garden pods include the rotating pods as well as this impressive Oval House Garden pod. This garden pod has plenty of room, with seating available for up to 8 people. It has 360 degree panoramic views as well as quality lighting to help you relax. To save space, the quality door opens upwards and you’ll get a heater and an electric socket included all for just £13,995.

The Grande Deluxe Garden Pod

That name really does say it all. The Grande Deluxe Garden pod is another bespoke option, so you can design your interior with the support of our team. This one is the largest of them all, with room for up to 12 guests inside the pod. This pod is easy to clean so you don’t need to worry if you’re planning on using it as a garden dining pod. Built with quality, sustainable materials, this pod is sure to provide long lasting fun. It’s the perfect bespoke garden room and it could be yours for £24,995.

Circular Garden Pods

The Wheel Bench Garden pod is the perfect destination for a summer picnic. This outdoor pod features space for up to 6 guests and is open at both sides. The top features our quality spruce timber arcs and stainless steel so that you can stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This pod could be yours for only £3,999. 

All of the luxury garden pods for sale have the same footprint as a standard garden patio seating set and they really are a great addition to fill up some extra space in the garden. If you’re looking for an outdoor garden pod and you’re still not sure on the perfect one, get in touch with us, we’re happy to help.