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Swim Spas for Sale

Aqua Spa Hot Tubs is an official partner of Master Spas™, the world’s number 1 hot tub and swim spa manufacturer. Each of the swim spas for sale have their own unique and impressive features, if you’re unsure on the right swim spa for you, we can help.

The H2X swim spa range is full of elite performance spas, with airless VIP swim jets so that you can get started on your exercise journey. The Michael Phelps Swim Spa range is the best of the best. With a Wave XP Propeller Propulsion System, you can take your swim spa training to the next level. Even with a smaller swim spa, you don’t need to compromise on features. These spas aren’t just great for training, they also provide relaxation. Each swim spa for sale has options for a Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth Music System, it’s all about building you the perfect, most relaxing experience.

If you’re searching for an impressive swim spa for relaxation purposes or to boost your exercise routine, take a look at the range of swim spas for sale at Aqua Spa Hot Tubs.

Swim Spas for Sale

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Finding the Right Swim Spa to Buy

The incredible technology used within these spas means that it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or even the strongest swimmer, you can personalise the current to suit your individual needs. Our wide range swim spas can provide you with an excellent workout as well as a great place to relax and enjoy the benefits of our quality massage jets. Owning your own spa means that you’re never far away from relaxation.

Regardless of your spa criteria, we can help you, our swim spas combine the likes of a swimming pool and a hot tub, offering a great space to relax. So whether you’re after a garden spa or a space for family time, there’s plenty of options available. Some of the swim spas we have on offer include a separate hot tub area, so you can just hop in there after you’ve finished your workout. These spas have dual temperature controls, so you can keep your workout area cool and your hot tub area nice and warm, ready to help release tension in those muscles.

There are many health benefits associated with owning a swim spa, such as having the ability to exercise, which improves mental wellness and can allow for better sleep. The high quality massage jets inside your spa can help to alleviate aches and pains associated with various medical conditions such as arthritis. Our luxury spas have been built with you as a priority, with a stunning design and high quality materials to ensure comfort.

Each of our swim spas are available on finance deals so that you can take out credit when you buy and start enjoying yourself in no time. After your spa has been installed, our team will ensure that you have the required knowledge to care and maintain your spa.