Vian Hot Tub Chemical Bundle Pack

Hot tub chemical bundle pack containing all the most frequently used products


Estimated Manufacturers Standby Running Cost
All priced at 28.34 pence/kwh (UK energy cap April 2022)

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This chemical pack contains all the most frequently used chemicals. Our customers are most commonly ordering these items together or in quick succession of each other, so we decided to make them into a bundle pack to save you some money and make it easier to order and ensure you have everything that you need on hand and ready to go.

The pack contains the following items:
1x Vian Chlorine Granules 1kg
1x Vian Non Chlorine Shock 1kg
1x Vian pH Minus 1.5kg
1x Vian Filter Cleaner 500ml
1x Insta3 Test Strips

If bought individually the bundle would cost £77.25, buying in the bundle deal saves you over 13% and you can either pick the chemicals up from us or have them delivered to your door.

Testing: You should test your spa before each use to ensure it is well balanced and safe to use.
pH Level: Before adding any other chemicals we recommend getting your pH and Alkalinity reading into the OK ranges. Add 10mg of pH Minus or pH Increaser until you reach the desired range. Sanitiser: You should add chlorine granules when your test strip reading is below the OK range. We recommend adding 10mg at a time until the desired range is achieved.
Shock: Non Chlorine Shock is a natural oxidiser, it eliminates bacteria and releases oxygen as a bi-product. This product also attaches itself to the available chlorine molecules and stops it from getting used up as quickly. We recommend that our customers use this once per week adding 30mg directly to the spa water.
Filters: We recommend checking your filters every week to ensure they are not yellow, brown, gunky or full of debris. It is also worth cleaning them frequently to prolong the life span. Spray them liberally, leave to soak for 10 minutes, then thoroughly hose them down until they are sud free.

Cabinet Options
Graphite Grey, Espresso

Once you have ordered, we will get in touch to discuss your shell and cabinet options.