Rio IP heat lamp


Estimated Manufacturers Standby Running Cost
All priced at 28.34 pence/kwh (UK energy cap April 2022)

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We offer a wide range of heat lamps for outdoor and patio use all designed and manufactured in the UK by a company with over 35yrs experience in outdoor heating solutions.

The Rio IP is a Quartz Infrared Heater, which due to its slim profile is perfect for awnings or pergolas, they can be wall mounted or attached to a stand. The Rio uses shortwave infrared heat to warm people and objects directly and offers complete windproof heating covering 10.5msq with just one heat lamp.

They are weatherproof with an IP55 rating and come with a 2yr warranty. Installation of the Rio couldn’t be easier, it comes as standard with a 3m length of cable to plug directly into an outdoor socket and a central ‘swivel’ bracket that allows you to mount the heater horizontally or at an angle.

If you would like to be able to adjust and control the heat of the Rio then you will need to add either a push button timer or a receiver and remote. The button will give you between 2 and 20 mins of heat and the receiver will give you full control of the heat, being able to adjust it to 50%, 75% or 100% heat.

Once you have ordered, we will get in touch to discuss your shell and cabinet options.