Insta-TEST 3 Plus Hot Tub Test Strips


Estimated Manufacturers Standby Running Cost
All priced at 28.34 pence/kwh (UK energy cap April 2022)

Coming soon

These test strips allow you to easily check the chemical balance of your water. Run your jets to get the water moving, turn them off and allow the water settle. Then take a test strip in your hand and dip it into the water up to wrist depth.

Bring it out and simply check that the colours on the strip fall within the OK ranges on the back of the tube. If your readings are too high or low you can adjust your chemicals accordingly.

Please Note:

  • Keep wet fingers out of the tube as it will contaminate the pads
  • Be sure to test the water before every use and dose with chemicals as needed
  • The strips provide an indication only. For more accurate testing methods give the team a call

Once you have ordered, we will get in touch to discuss your shell and cabinet options.