The Most Stunning Spas in The UK According to Guests


Spa hotels have become an iconic part of UK culture, popularised by our desperate need for escapism and true relaxation. They’ve become so much more than a simple treatment, spas are now a full experience that is enjoyed, documented and shared. 


A lot of ‘spa guides’ written by travel experts often suggest the same destinations over and over, sometimes without the writer even visiting the facilities. This is why we wanted to delve deeper and provide a more accurate ranking of the most beautiful spas in the country – as confirmed by the most trustworthy source out there, their guests


To give us the most accurate rankings possible, we analysed over 19,4000 Tripadvisor reviews to reveal which proportion of each spa’s entire guest reviews specifically described the spa as “stunning” or “beautiful” in their review. This revealed the most accurate final ranking possible, as described by the highest proportion of visiting guests. 


By calculating the final rankings using the proportional number of complimentary mentions as opposed to the overall count, we’ve got an exceptional list of beautiful spas across the country that vary in size and prominence rather than just a list of the spas with the highest number of reviews or popularity.


Here are the 10 most Insta-worthy spas in the UK:

#1 Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa, Daventry (27.96% of Reviews)

Fawsley Hall (1)

#2 Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa, Keswick (27.50% of Reviews)

Armathwaite (1)

#3 The Welcombe Hotel, Stratford-Upon-Avon (26.19% of Reviews)

Welcombe (1)

#4 The Scarlet Hotel Spa, Newquay (25.08% of Reviews)

Scarlet Hotel (1)

#5 Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa, Surrey (23.21% of Reviews)

Pennyhill (1)

#6 Swinton Park Hotel, Ripon (22.49% of Reviews)

swinton park (1)

#7 Stoke Park Country Club, Slough (21.76% of Reviews)

Stoke Park (1)

#8 Losehill House Hotel & Spa, Peak District (20.52% of Reviews)

Losehill (1)

#9 Walwick Hall, Northumberland (19.02% of Reviews)

Walwick (1)

#10 Beech Hill Hotel & Spa, Windermere (18.55% of Reviews)

Beech (1)