How much do swim spas cost?

How much do hot tubs cost

Owning a swim spa is definitely one of the best luxuries you can have in life. If you’re debating whether to purchase your own swim spa, you will want to consider your finance options and may be wondering how much swim spas cost? We are official partners of Master Spas™, the leading hot tub and swim spa manufacturer in the world. So you can rest assured that through purchasing a spa through us, you’re guaranteed a high quality experience.

Swim spas are great for those wanting to work on their exercise journey, they have high quality technology that makes training possible inside the spa. However, swim spas aren’t just ideal for exercising, they do still have many different features that are perfect for relaxing. Some of our more advanced swim spas offer dual temperature controls, so that you can be cooler while you exercise and then enjoy your spa at its optimal temperature when it’s time to relax afterwards. With a swim spa, you really do get the best of both worlds.

There’s no denying that swim spas typically come with a higher price tag, but this is often reflected in the features on offer. Compared to hot tubs, swim spas have an abundance of luxury features for various reasons. Some of these features include quality jets, which offer hydrotherapy benefits, LED lighting, water pumps and options for Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth Sound System (Please note: Our MP range has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in).

What is the average cost of a swim spa?

The average cost of a swim spa highly depends on the features that you desire within your swim spa. Each swim spa we have available is an elite performance spa, with many features that contribute to helping you with your exercise journey, particularly when it comes to swimming.

Our swim spa models range from between £20,000 and £49,000. The H2X range is a more affordable option, with less advanced technology when compared to the MP range. The H2X models have Airless VIP swim jets that create their own current for you to swim against. In comparison, the MP range has a Wave XP Propellor Propulsion System which is designed to offer a more impressive experience.

Are swim spas worth the money?

Swim spas are an amazing item to own, there are so many benefits to having access to one. The main benefit of owning a swim spa is for its exercise features, the relaxation is just an added bonus. Swim spas were built to assist those on an exercise journey and their incredible technology means they offer a fun way to lose weight. The best thing about swim spas is that they provide the best of both worlds, a place to work out and a space to relax.

There are many health benefits to frequently using a swim spa, such as reduced stress and lowered blood pressure, resulting in increased sleep. As well as health benefits, having a swim spa installed can really transform your garden space. If you’re wanting a new way to relax with friends or a place for the family to enjoy a small swimming pool, a swim spa is a great option.

Despite carrying a higher price tag, swim spas are definitely worth the money. They are popular but still not as well known as hot tubs and swimming pools. If you’re after something in between, a swim spa will not only fulfil this but also provide you with some amazing benefits.

How much does it cost to install an inground swim spa?

Installing a swim spa can take time and needs to be carefully planned out before installation day. Many companies will be able to provide installation services, but it’s definitely worth checking upon purchase. Due to the size of swim spas, some very technical lifting equipment is often required.

If your plan is to have your swim spa installed into the ground of your garden, you will need to ensure that the space is ready before the hot tub is due to be installed. The installation process of an inground hot tub takes longer due to parts being separate to the spa. In order for the spa to work effectively, it needs to be plumbed in correctly and pipe work needs to run discreetly from the spa.

Installation prices vary based on the swim spa being installed, therefore it’s important to check with your supplier for exact costs.

It’s no secret that swim spas cost a lot of money, however they really can provide you with an incredible experience. Whether it’s as a family enjoying your outdoor pool, or you’re using your spa to work out or even if you’d like an extra place to relax, a swim spa could be the answer. Swim spas can be enjoyed all year round, even in the colder months.

If you’re interested in purchasing a swim spa and you’re not sure which one is right for you, get in touch with us, we’re happy to help.