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Finding the Right Aqua Spa Hot Tub

3 Person, 4 Person, 5 Person and 6 Person Hot Tub Models

We have a wide range of spas for you to choose from. We are in partnership with Master Spas™, a worldwide leader in the hot tub manufacturing industry. Each hot tub from the Master Spas™ collection is made with the highest quality materials to ensure low maintenance and longevity. Our Getaway hot tub range offers the perfect spa for relaxing and fun with family or friends, available in 2, 4 and 6 person capacity. The Getaway series is a great option for those in the holiday market as they are designed with heavy usage in mind and are not expensive to run. We have an extensive range of Legend and Twilight series hot tubs from 2 to 7 person capacity, perfect for those important family get-togethers. If you’re looking for a tub that doesn’t compromise, take a look at the Michael Phelps range. These high performance hot tubs are built with quality materials. Each hot tub in the Master Spas™ range features upgraded insulation, an upgraded sound system and high-quality hydrotherapy jets.Owning your own hot tub is a dream for many people, which is why at Aqua Spa and Leisure, you can buy cheap hot tubs with flexible payment options. Reserve your dream hot tub with a deposit and then finance or pay in full. Treat yourself and check out the best hot tub deals today. Alternatively come and visit our hot tub showroom in ChichesterWest Sussex which is near Southampton, HampshirePortsmouthWinchesterFareham and Petersfield.


The cost of running a hot tub will depend on the brand, how efficient it is, how well insulated it is, how well maintained the hot tub is and even what the weather is doing . Most hot tub owners report that their hot tub costs between £1.80 and £2.60 per day to run, which will vary depending on use, efficiency and ambient temperature of the area where the hot tub is situated. Much cheaper than going for a spa day and about the same price as 1 round of drinks per week at the pub. Be wary of any brands that claim that it costs less than £1 per day as in our experience this is unlikely to be true.
One of the biggest benefits of using a hot tub is that it helps to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. However, there are a number of other benefits you can enjoy. Many find that damaged or stiff joints can move easier as a result of the hot water, while others find that their blood circulation improves. This can help to relieve pain, making a dip in a hot tub an excellent option when recovering from injury. We have genuine customers with painful arthritis and fibromyalgia who swear by their hot tub and say it really helps to relieve their aches and pains.
Hot tubs require regular maintenance in order to work best. Without regular maintenance, they can be costly to repair, which is why many believe that hot tubs are high maintenance. We would recommend getting 1 full service for your hot tub every year. When cared for correctly, they are not high maintenance and their life span increases. Regularly balancing your water and cleaning and replacing filters will also help to extend the life of your hot tub.
Hot tubs can last between 5 and 20 years, depending on the make and the maintenance undertaken. When hot tubs are not taken care of, they are not likely to last more than 5 years. However, with regular maintenance and care, they can last over 20 years.
A hot tub hire package gives you the chance to add the wow factor to your garden. You can hire a hot tub for only £550 for 4 weeks, giving you an entire month to enjoy a hot tub. You can arrange to extend the rental period should you need it for longer. We take care of everything, we position, install and fill up the spa for you before demonstrating how to use your hot tub.

Hot tub capacity not only determines the dimensions and number of people that can fit in your hot tub, but it also influences the built-in seating and lounging positions. For example, with the higher capacity models, there is a wider range of up-right and lay-down lounging positions, often with more traditional seating options. Whereas with 2 person hot tubs and 3 person hot tubs, there is often a focus of more relaxed positions to accommodate fully laid-back hot tub users.

In terms of water capacity, a smaller 2-3 person hot tub holds roughly 300 gallons of water, whereas the larger 4 – 6 person models can hold upwards of 350 gallons because of its increased dimensions. When buying a hot tub in the UK, you’ll need to consider not only the number of friends and family who you want to accommodate at one time but also the outdoor space available to comfortably house your hot tub.