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5 Person Hot Tubs Available in Sussex & The UK

Our 5 person hot tubs are designed with both social and relaxation purposes in mind. Providing enough space for a group of friends or a reserved family gathering, you’ll be able to enjoy the soothing warm waters together with a larger hot tub  that is ideal for entertaining in your garden.

The 5 person hot tubs we have available from Legend and Twilight are some of the best quality hot tub models on the market, combining a range of seating arrangements for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Whilst larger than our popular 4 person hot tub models, they save space compared to 6 person hot tubs, but without losing the capacity to cater for friends and family. Our popular 5 person hot tubs are long-lasting, reliable and a true asset to any garden.

5 Person Hot Tubs

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5 Person Hot Tub FAQs

What are the dimensions of a 5 person hot tub?

Whilst the dimensions of 5 person hot tubs differ depending on the brand and specific model, to provide a reference, Legend 4, 5 Person Hot Tub is 199cm x 199cm x 87cm and Twilight Series 87.3, 5 Person Hot Tub is 214 x 239 x 97cm. See specific product pages for the exact measurements of each model.

How many gallons of water are in a 5 person hot tub?

Because of their larger dimensions, a 5 person hot tub roughly holds somewhere upwards of 300 gallons of water, usually no more than 350. However, if you’re looking to buy a 5 person hot tub, you’ll benefit from looking at the hot tub dimensions rather than water capacity to give you the best representation of size and depth.

How much does a 5 person hot tub cost?

At Aqua Spa, our 5 person hot tubs start at just £7,495.00 and are available to reserve online today for just £95. Once paid, our team will then be in touch to finalise your order and take the remaining balance payment. All 5 person hot tubs also come with a comprehensive warranty so you can be confident that you’re protected and in safe hands.