Do swim spas actually work?

Aqua do swim spas actually work

Swim spas are a luxury item that has many benefits, whether that’s to your garden, your health or your family get togethers. In this blog we’re asking the question – Do swim spas actually work?

What is a swim spa?

A swim spa is usually larger than a hot tub and that’s because it generally has many more features and abilities. A hot tub is solely used for relaxation purposes, whereas a swim spa offers the best of both worlds. Not only can you enjoy relaxing inside a swim spa, you can also complete an extensive workout. 

High quality swim spas cost a lot of money and tend to range from between £20,000 to £50,000, so you’ll have to make sure you do your research before purchasing to ensure that you’re choosing the most appropriate spa for your needs. Swim spas come with many features as well as optional extras which can lead to price increases. 

Do swim spas actually work?

In terms of providing you with a high quality workout, swim spas do a great job. There are many types of workouts that can be performed inside of your spa. One of the most amazing features of a swim spa is the ability to use wave technology which imitates a current. We know what you’re thinking ‘can you actually swim in the current?’ The answer is yes! Despite you ‘swimming’ you’re actually not moving from the same spot. 

The use of this current means that you can use your arms and legs in a swimming motion throughout your workout. The best thing about working out inside of a swim spa is that you’ve got full control over the strength of the current. If you’re after a light swim in the morning, you can have the spa produce a weaker current, in contrast if you’re an elite swimmer, you can set a much stronger current to make your body work harder.

Who are swim spas for?

Due to the range of strength settings available, swim spas can be used by most people as long as you have not been advised differently. Many assume that due to the technical equipment involved swim spas are only for elite swimmers, but that’s not true. Swim spas can be used by beginners or champion swimmers. There are many benefits to having a swim spa, including that you can workout from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s talk models

H2X Therapool

The swim spas in this range carry the lowest price tag and take up the least space but do not compromise on quality. This smaller tub is perfect for resistance training as well as offering a new place to relax and more room for the family. The technology of swim jets means that swimming is possible in this swim spa model.

H2X Challenger 

These models feature extra depth compared to other models in the same range. With hydrotherapy seats and jets you’re sure to enjoy a relaxing experience in these spas. This spa has more room for swimming activities and has 6 airless jets to create a smooth flow of water. 


The Michael Phelps range is the best of the best. With a Wave XP Propulsion System, you can enjoy a high quality training experience. Both the MP Force Deep and the MP Momentum Deep have an additional hot tub area and dual temperature controls so that you can keep cool while exercising and then enjoy the heat in the hot tub area. You won’t have any regrets with a swim spa from this range.


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If you’re thinking of treating yourself to a swim spa, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re more than happy to help you.