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How much do hot tubs cost

How much do swim spas cost?

Owning your own swim spa is definitely one of the best luxuries you can have in life. If you’re debating whether to purchase your own swim spa, you will want to consider your finance options and may be wondering how much a swim spa costs?

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A woman in a green coat sits on a wooden dock by a lake

Which UK Cities Need a Spa Break?

You deserve to get away from it all and escape when life gets tough, but it seems that some UK cities need a break more than others. Here at Aqua Spa and Leisure, we analyse Google search data and trends to find out which cities in the UK need a break the most.

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The Most Stunning Spas in The UK According to Guests

We want to help make your hot tub journey as pleasant and pain free as possible, which is why we have put a hot tub buying guide together for you to refer back to throughout your hot tub journey. This guide contains useful tips on choosing the right hot tub for your needs, and includes detailed information on the electrical requirements, site preparation and the access that is required to get a hot tub into your property.

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