Best ideas for a garden room

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A garden pod has to be one of the most impressive items you can own. It allows you to enjoy your indoor and outdoor space at the same time all year round! That’s right, it doesn’t just need to be a summer house. In this blog, we’re telling you some of the best garden room ideas. 

First of all congratulations, it’s quite likely that you’re reading this blog because you’ve just purchased your own garden pod. If not, maybe you’re debating which one to get or you’re after a refresh and want to create a more modern garden room. Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing a garden room

Garden rooms generally have many features and therefore when purchasing one, you will need to ensure that it meets your needs. You’ll need to consider elements such as colours, design features and even the materials that you like. 

All of the garden rooms that we stock are built using sustainable materials. These include, spruce timber arcs, laminated windows and a stainless steel roof. The stainless steel roof helps to protect you from the weather and is reflective, keeping you cooler on a summer’s day. Our stunning garden buildings feature many windows to allow for natural light while also reducing extra costs. 

Garden rooms hugely vary in size, so you’ll need to think about how many guests you are likely to have inside it at once. However, you should also not worry too much about the amount of garden space that you will lose following the installation of a garden pod. Most garden pods are the same or a similar size to a standard outdoor furniture set. Even if you think you have a small garden, you will likely have room for a garden pod. 

Most houses have an unused corner in their outside space, why not make it into something exciting and give your garden some rustic charm. 

We have a huge selection of garden rooms on offer, from bench pods to rotating pods, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

So what are the best garden pod ideas?

Garden room gym

How would you fancy your very own home gym? A garden room is a fantastic place to build one! Whether you’re wanting to get yourself a few dumbbells or create a relaxing yoga studio, you can use the outdoors too and relax with nature. 

Building your own home gym is a great garden room idea as it can help to motivate you. Not only will you eliminate the need to travel to the gym, you’ll also be in the comfort of your own home. Having a garden room gym can reduce pressures and ultimately leads to you having more time being able to do whatever you want. 

Garden office

Still working from home or made that a permanent change? Treat yourself to the ultimate office setup with a garden office. You could purchase a mini fridge so that you have access to drinks for hydration and a few snacks. 

Having a garden room office can help to improve your mental health as it offers a differentiation between your home and your work life. Plus, let’s be honest, if you’re working from home, you might as well do it in style!

Garden bar 

One of the best garden room ideas is to turn your pod into a bar area. Gather a load of your favourite drinks and get the party started! Why not kit out your garden room with a mini fridge? When you have guests over, you can pop your favourite tunes on and you won’t need to go far for a drink of your choice. 

A garden room is the perfect entertaining space, maybe you’ll use yours for dinner parties as well as a bar? You can even turn your garden pod into a dining room because our garden pods come with a high quality table so that you can relax with your guests in comfort. 

Games room 

Turning garden rooms into games rooms is so much fun. Whether you’ve got a build up of board games or an old Scalextric set, bring them outside to create your own gaming area.

A games room is a great way to entertain kids while utilising the outdoor space. If you’re wanting to make some memories, gather the entire family for a night of gaming!

The ultimate guest bedroom

Talk about treating your guests! If you want to give family and friends an unforgettable stay, you could turn your garden pod into a guest room. A lot of garden pods have versatile seating that can be easily transformed into a bed. 

Your guests can enjoy a night under the stars while remaining at the right temperature all year round. Our garden pods keep your cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, so you’ll always be comfortable.

Hobby room

If you’re looking for stunning garden room ideas then you’ve come to the right place. Have you ever thought of transforming your space into a hobby room? Treat yourself to a new bookshelf and create the perfect reading nook. 

Or, maybe you’d prefer to create your very own art studio? In which case, grab your easel and paints and head into your garden room! The comfy seating is sure to send you into a peaceful retreat. One of the main reasons why people love garden pods is because of the extra living space they provide. 

Pool house

Everyone with a hot tub, swim spa or swimming pool needs somewhere to retreat to when they need a drink or they want to step out for a bit, a garden room is a great place to relax!

Thanks to the nature of garden pods, there’s usually lots of room to leave towels and other hot tub essentials, making life easier for you. Hot tubs are a great place to relax and they come with many health benefits. Check out our hot tubs for sale.

Garden room interior design

The design of your garden room is definitely something that needs researching. You’ll be able to choose the colour of your soft furnishings and we’re sure you’re thinking about accessories. Maybe you’d like some climbing plants or some LED lighting, the choice is yours. You can always ask our design team for help. Our interior designer assists with the decoration of our deluxe pods

One important thing to consider is whether or not you want your garden room to match the design of the living space in your main house. For some people, this is really important but for others, a garden room is their chance to add a little more spark to the overall design of their home.

This can be achieved with adding pops of colour to garden pods or even through some cool accessories. Picture yourself with your breakfast, sitting at the coffee table in your garden pod with the birds singing. You will be the one to use your garden room, so it’s very important that you actually like the style of it. This is your chance to build a bespoke garden room.

Where shall I place my garden room?

Hmm, another tricky decision! You will likely want your garden studio installed in the back garden for privacy reasons. The choice is yours, but you’ll definitely need to consider how much garden space you have and whether or not you enjoy the sunshine. If you enjoy the sun, you might prefer to place your garden room in a place where the sun will catch it when you’re most likely going to be sitting outside. If you prefer the shade, you’ll probably choose to stay away from the sun as best you can. 

Some of the garden pods for sale on our website are rotating, which means you can move the pod to face the sun or shade, it’s up to you how you feel most comfortable. This is particularly handy if you have children who are wanting to enjoy the outdoors without sitting in the sun. 

You may also have a landscaped garden, in which case there may be a natural area that your garden pod can live in. 

Designing garden rooms is lots of fun, especially after you’ve established where it’s going in your garden. If you’d like any more advice on the best ideas for a garden room, feel free to contact us.