Benefits of having a hot tub at my holiday home

Benefits of having a hot tub at my holiday home

There’s no denying that a hot tub is a luxury item that provides many benefits. Whether you’re looking to offer more relaxation, the relief of aches and pains or a way to give your rental property some wow factor, a hot tub is certainly a good idea. Many holiday home owners offer a hot tub as part of their stays and there are many reasons why. In this blog, we’re telling you the benefits of having a hot tub at your holiday home. 

With many people still choosing to have a staycation holiday rather than travelling abroad, now is a great time to add a hot tub to the mix for some extra luxury for your visitors. Maybe you have just one holiday home or maybe you’ve got rental properties across the country, either way it’s a great idea to add a hot tub. Maintaining the tubs doesn’t need to be a challenge. With a little guidance, you’ll be able to perfect the formula for hot tub chemicals in no time.

Increase nightly rates with hot tub spas

Do you want to increase your nightly rates? You can easily justify it by adding a luxury hot tub experience. Many guests will not have access to their own hot tubs at home and therefore they will see this is a real treat, which it most definitely is. Holiday home owners can generally increase their nightly rates by between 10-20%. That increase will be extremely valuable over time.

Increase holiday home occupancy rate year round

Many holiday home owners experience a drop in bookings over the winter months, because of the weather, which cannot be helped. If this sounds familiar, a hot tub might be just what you need to attract more customers. Hot tubs are a fantastic option due to their ability to be used all year round. Whether it’s warm outside or it’s the middle of December, the comfort of a bubbling hot tub will provide relaxation. Hot tubs are usually heated to between 36 and 40 degrees, giving you the perfect temperature to relieve those aches and pains.

“Holiday home with hot tub”

When customers search online for a holiday home, the term ‘hot tubs’ is one of the most filtered features they use. This proves that the demand is there! If you can impress your guests with a hot tub at your holiday home then they’ll likely leave much happier. This means they will likely leave a positive review and may even suggest your property to their friends and family, therefore potentially gaining you even more customers.

Sell the benefits

Don’t just promote that your holiday home has a hot tub, tell your customers what it can do for them. There are so many hot tub benefits, such as the water temperature relaxing muscles, the relaxation lowering blood pressure and therefore helping you to sleep better. There’s many ways to promote your new luxury feature, such as your website or through social media. 


Finding a local BISHTA registered firm is important if you’re wanting to buy a hot tub for your holiday home. BISHTA is the hot tub and swim spa trading association. Receiving certification from them that your hot tub is safe to use and meets all requirements is necessary. BISHTA can help you with hot tub maintenance and water treatment products.


The Getaway series has been designed specifically for the holiday home market. Each hot tub in this range meets the HSG282 Hot Tubs for Business regulations which means they are better suited to withstand heavy duty usage. If you’re planning on allowing your holiday home guests to use the hot tub all year round then this is definitely an important factor to consider.

If you’re a rental property owner then having a hot tub available for your guests to use throughout their stay is a great idea. Not only are hot tubs in high demand, you’ll also be gaining more bookings throughout the year and therefore earning more money. 

At Aqua Spa and Leisure, we also offer a specific service and maintenance package for holiday let customers to ensure that there’s no extra work involved with running the hot tub. If you’d like some more information regarding a hot tub at your rental property, please don’t hesitate to contact us.