A guide to hot tub chemicals

A guide to hot tub chemicals

Testing the waters

The most important part of your hot tub water maintenance is testing. Testing the water couldn’t be easier with our quality testing strips, you will receive a pack of three tests which can be used to test for hot tub chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, alkalinity of the water and pH levels. It is important to test the water before using your hot tub. 

Using the tests is very easy, we recommend turning the jets on for a minute before turning them off and allowing the water to settle, at this point you can dip your testing strip into the water. The packaging will display optimum levels of each chemical and it’s your job to check these against the colours displayed on your test. Once you have established where your water is on the chart, you can begin any alterations that need to be made to the chemistry of the water.


One of the most important hot tub chemicals you need to monitor is chlorine, which is available on our website in granule form or in tablet form. Chlorine acts as a sanitiser within your spa, which is very important for killing any bacteria that may have found its way inside. Before adding any chlorine, you need to check that your pH level is 7.2, otherwise the chlorine will be ineffective. You can use the testing strip to work out the pH level as well as how much of each chemical needs to be added. It is very important that after you have added any chemicals, you must retest the water before getting in your hot tub.


Another important hot tub chemical is bromine which also works as a sanitiser to protect spa users from harmful bacteria. It is also available in granule or tablet form. The tablet form is ideal for slow release and is often used alongside chlorine feeders. Don’t forget to retest your water chemistry before getting into the hot tub, in case you have added too much or too little.


Your pH is very important and the ideal range for your hot tub is between 7.2 and 7.4. Having a pH that’s too low causes the water to be too acidic which can lead to irritation. To solve this issue, you can use a pH Increaser. All dosage information is presented on the packaging making it easy to work out. 

If your pH is too high, it can lead to scale build up and cloudy water, which won’t be very appealing. To treat this water issue, you can use pH Minus. After treating your water with these chemicals you must turn on the jets to allow the chemicals to disperse throughout the water. Once completed, turn off the jets and repeat the testing process. 

Clear waters

We all want clear water in our hot tubs and it really isn’t difficult to achieve! If you’re struggling with algae and staining, you can try out our Spa Clarifier to give you clear water in no time. Having clear water is important not only from a safety standpoint, but also from a usage point of view, no one is going to feel like relaxing inside a hot tub with dirty water inside. If your water is clear, it doesn’t necessarily mean all of your hot tub chemicals are at the right level, so make sure you keep testing to be sure.

No more foam

If you’ve got excess foam inside of your tub, you don’t need to struggle. You can purchase an Anti Foam solution which can be added directly to your spa when the jets are on to reduce foaming. This solution works fast to reduce bubbles and foam. 

Bundle up

If you’re in need of a range of hot tub chemicals around the same time, why not save yourself some money and purchase one of our spa chemical bundles? We have an Upgraded Chemical Pack which contains Chlorine Granules 1kg, pH Minus 1kg, pH Increaser 1kg, Non-Chlorine Shock 1kg, Anti-Foam 1l and 1 Tube of Test Strips.

Or, you could grab yourself one of our Premium Chemical Packs which contains all of the above plus Chlorine Granules 2kg, No Scale 1l, Spa Clarifier 1l and 2 Tubes of Test Strips. Both packs include a guide on how to use each of the hot tub chemicals.

Do I need to use hot tub chemicals?

Absolutely yes, there really is no doubt about that! Using chemicals to balance the water in your hot tub is so important and helps to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading. It also means that your water is clearer and cleaner, something you’ll definitely want to be sure of. 

If you’re struggling with any aspect of your hot tub’s water care, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re more than happy to help.